пятница, 27 февраля 2009 г.

Favourite Flowers

All people like flowers. They take care of them, plant and grow them in hothouses, arrange flowerbeds and real flower gardens. Why do they do so?
Since ancient times there were a lot of legends about flowers. Ancient temples were decorated with a great number of flowers as there was a belief that a smell of flowers was food for the Greek gods. To please gods and to get some privileges in life rich people sent a great number of the most beautiful flowers to the temples.
The rarest flowers could cost a real fortune. The most interesting for scientists is the task to create such a sort of flowers that does not exist in natural conditions. The queen of flowers is a rose, so a lot of new sorts appeared as a result of work of selectionists. The real pride of Japanese scientists is appearance of a blue rose in 2008.
I adore wild flowers. They are simpler, paler, but Nature created them for us and they are still the same as they were at the epoch of Alexander the Great. They contain wisdom of Nature, its strength and serve as medicines.
One day a Chinese doctor was explaining use of leaves, roots and flowers for medicine to his disciples. One of them was inattentive. The doctor gave him a small basket and asked to bring a useless flower. In ten years the disciple came back and said: "Teacher, I did not find any useless flower or plant." Flowers are very important in our life. They decorate our homes, heal and help to make relations.