вторник, 14 апреля 2009 г.

Something to say

Flowers are a great way to say that you are sorry. A fight with a friend, a loved one, a partner, or even a parent can’t be erased with the gift of a few flowers, but you can certainly take the sting out things with some flowers. Flowers are sort of like the ice breaker you can’t find with your words. They are a way of acknowledging that you weren’t at your best and perhaps said a few things that should have been left unsaid. They are the pathway into communication and growth, rather than a blanket over the sore spot you left. You might be perfect at apologies, but flowers make it a little easier.We all behave badly from time to time and flowers help us get back to the place where we can at least laugh a little, talk a little, and love a little. Most of us use flowers to say we are sorry for our partners and yet we forget that they can be very helpful when it comes to saying that we are sorry for the way we have treated someone else. Parents love flowers from their grown friends, even if minds don’t change and the best resolution is an agreement to disagree and avoid the topic. Flowers are particularly good apologies for coworkers after you’ve behaved unprofessionally and they are great for kids you came down a little hard on the other day. Flowers are the universal tool for apologies and they open hearts faster than an empty handed apology.