среда, 13 января 2010 г.


When you go about planting flowers in your flower beds and gardens, you might miss the occasional flower that you really wanted to include and you find out that it is past its prime planting season. Can you still plant flowers after their prime window? The short answer is yes, you can. However, there is a long answer to that question as well. You need not worry so much about planting flowers past their prime window but whether their location and the current climate are suitable for the flowers past their prime window. If their prime window is during early spring but they are a flower that usually grows in the south, those above the Mason Dixon line should have no trouble at all.

Sometimes it is all about finding out why the flowers you want to plant have their prime window. Is it temperature related or is it moisture related? Either way, you can usually figure out if your surroundings can offer the flowers you wanted to plant earlier the desired forecast. Can you make up for a natural depletion of water that happens in the summer months? Are you able to provide the flowers enough shade to offset the blazing summer sun? These are simple questions that can help you answer whether or not you can plant the flowers you wish to plant even if you have missed the prime planting window. Otherwise, you can always try to plant them indoors and move them outside the following spring.

воскресенье, 10 января 2010 г.

I’m so “flowers” sorry”!

It is not a secret and it is not flash news that bunches are for women in most cases. They are women crazy about flowers and they are also women that want their men to give them flowers. They grow offended in case there are no flowers for them but at the same time they may run mad in case there are flowers for them, just like that. See, women know men never make presents just like that and they also know that men never give flowers just like that (at least the majority of men). And so, in case there is some man who thought it would be great to give his girlfriend a bunch of flowers just like that, he may be a man who writes his own death sentence. See, women are sure that there is no way for men to give them flowers just like that, and in case there is such a weird bunch this bunch will fir sure be recognized as the way to say “I’m really-really sorry” and be sure – she will find a reason for you to apologize. And I bet this reason will be with blond hairs and boobs and so on. So, be careful when given flowers just like that.

Bunch is a big deal?

It is common that men give women flowers because women love those. And it is common for women and for some men to care about the flowers they give and about the color of those flowers. They say there is a message in the kind of flowers and in its color. It is really so, there is a culture of giving flowers and there are a lot of words are said about messages flowers of particular color have. Though, there is no need to care about the red flowers is about love and the white about something else. Not a single person of those who give and take flowers actually bother about the color and message of it. Why bothering about message if you know that with those flowers a person wanted to make a gift and to please you? There is no need to bother about a color and kind of flowers you get. It is enough to realize that one who gives you flowers means something with the whole bunch, and not with those details. Flowers are beautiful and gifts are also beautiful and it is care that only matters but not the message a person may not even think about when picking up a bunch.