воскресенье, 10 января 2010 г.

Bunch is a big deal?

It is common that men give women flowers because women love those. And it is common for women and for some men to care about the flowers they give and about the color of those flowers. They say there is a message in the kind of flowers and in its color. It is really so, there is a culture of giving flowers and there are a lot of words are said about messages flowers of particular color have. Though, there is no need to care about the red flowers is about love and the white about something else. Not a single person of those who give and take flowers actually bother about the color and message of it. Why bothering about message if you know that with those flowers a person wanted to make a gift and to please you? There is no need to bother about a color and kind of flowers you get. It is enough to realize that one who gives you flowers means something with the whole bunch, and not with those details. Flowers are beautiful and gifts are also beautiful and it is care that only matters but not the message a person may not even think about when picking up a bunch.