пятница, 26 декабря 2008 г.

Artificial flowers

There is nothing worse in this world than artificial flowers. They are a parody. I can’t understand people, who like them and use them to decorate their houses. Artificial flowers are the quintessence of tastelessness and creativity. Love for artificial flowers is rather a manifestation of moneysaving. It is so very understandable, as natural flowers are very expensive and short-lived, while artificial ones are durable and don’t require any care except dusting them. The beauty of flowers is impossible to imitate. It is so complex and deep, that all attempts to imitate it are nothing else than poor attempts to imitate. True flowerlovers never decorate their houses with these substitutes. They prefer real flowers and they are not stopped by the fact that natural flowers need much care and effort. I think that artificial flowers can be easily compared with artificial woman. A handful of people have tried it themselves, but I think all people have their opinion about this appliance. Artificial flowers are not pleasant to the eye. They remind us of grey workdays and boredom of our life. They provoke depression and blues. They aggravate the state of doom and ill fate. Thus if you are exposed to depressive state, remove artificial flowers from tour house and buy natural ones. You will get relief immediately.